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While the final responsibility falls on your manager to make these meetings great, there’s many things you can do to improve yours.Through your efforts, you can help your manager better recognize their value, and fill in areas where they may be slipping as they run from project to project, and fire to fire. They’re much more unaware and overwhelmed than evil.No matter the size or type of company you work at, you as a manager have a great tool you can use to prevent issues like this from ever happening.It’s having effective 1 on 1 meetings with everyone on your team.If selected, MBEs will be scheduled for a 15-minute introductory meeting with each requesting corporate member.Minority Business Eligibility: Corporate 1-on-1 Power Pitch meetings are by invitation only.One of the biggest sins preventing managers from having effective 1 on 1 meetings is frequently canceling them.It’s hard to get into a good rhythm if you go weeks (or months) without talking.

They’re a chance for you and your manager to strengthen your working relationship, and get out of the day to day task grind.

If you do have a manager like Dilbert’s that creates a toxic environment, and doesn’t care at all, it’s time to look for another job.

For everyone else, today’s post can help you improve the quality of your 1 on 1 meetings with just a few tweaks.

In situations where the MBE has a profile but no matches are found, then no meetings will be scheduled and registration fee is not applicable.

Corporate Participation: This year’s Corporate 1-on-1 Power Pitch meetings will make sourcing MBEs easier than ever.


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