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He also added that he is ‘worried’ for Markle’s safety and feels that he has not been ‘able to protect her’.‘His girlfriend, Meghan Markle, has been subject to a wave of abuse and harassment,’ Harry’s Communications Secretary said in a statement.Travis will play Night Air’s Friday evening family pop night Hits on the Beach.

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We're talking about hard, very useful dating, sex, and relationship advice.You can see how these would affect your ability to just execute on advice, but also to be stable in relationships, and strong in relationships.Another area I've seen often, recently, is adrenal fatigue undermining your energy, your motivation, of your life fixed.Wave 105 has teamed up with Halo to present headliners Example and DJ Wire, with support from club and chart stars Blonde, plus DJ’s Jaguar Skills and Majestic - a line up guaranteed to get the crowd dancing on the sand against the backdrop of the setting sun over Boscombe beach.Proms on the Beach, hosted by Wave 105’s Kate Weston, returns to Night Air for the second year running on Thursday August the 18th.The pristine island ecosystems of East Polynesia were among the last places on Earth settled by prehistoric people, and their colonization triggered a devastating transformation. Using New Zealand as an example, we provide a reliable approach for accurately dating initial human colonization on Pacific islands by radiocarbon dating the arrival of the Pacific rat.Overhunting contributed to widespread faunal extinctions and the decline of marine megafauna, fires destroyed lowland forests, and the introduction of the omnivorous Pacific rat () led to a new wave of predation on the biota. Radiocarbon dates on distinctive rat-gnawed seeds and rat bones show that the Pacific rat was introduced to both main islands of New Zealand ≈1280 A. This matches with the earliest-dated archaeological sites, human-induced faunal extinctions, and deforestation, implying there was no long period of invisibility in either the archaeological or palaeoecological records.The devastating ecological consequences of human arrival are well documented on many East Polynesian islands and show striking similarities in terms of deforestation (2) and faunal extinctions or declines (3–11), with one model suggesting dispersal from West Polynesia as early as 200 B. (1, 9, 10) after a pause of ≈500–1,000 years and another suggesting it began ≈800 A. after a delay of several thousand years (8, 12–16).These divergent chronologies and their related models of ecological and anthropological change result directly from various interpretations of conflicting radiocarbon dates on the earliest-dated archaeological sites, deforestation, Pacific rat introduction, and faunal extinctions from East Polynesia and have created many hotly debated “long” and “short” settlement chronologies (e.g., refs. These unresolved and contradictory age models currently hinder our understanding of the timing and processes of prehistoric human dispersal from West Polynesia (17) and rates of anthropogenic environmental change, faunal extinction, population growth, technological change, development of regionality in material culture and horticultural expansion on each island (18).One of these, The Man Who, went nine times platinum selling over three million copies in the UK alone and making it one of the biggest selling albums ever.They’ve headlined Glastonbury, V Festival and the Isle of Wight Festival and now they’re coming to Bournemouth beach.


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