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30 something women dating 20 something

Nobody that I think is quality and worthy of me and what I have to offer and what I want to do." Now Julie thinks marriage may not even be what she wants.

Instead of waiting around for a husband, she's considering having a child on her own.

Hot, successful, powerful, playful, thirty-something women dating twenty-something men, is nothing new.

But with powerhouse celebs like Kardashian and Hudson stepping out with boy toys in tow, it opens the conversation about age difference, and what it means when someone in her thirties dates someone in their twenties. Does dating younger men mean that they’re just a hot piece of meat?

Hearing a person’s voice gives you a better sense of who they are.

Do not text, email or send a message via social media to ask someone out on a first date. Men and women want to date someone who can teach them something.

That comfort makes them more likely to seek out partners.

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Women: let your guy plan the date and show you that he can court you. Men: make plans and let your date know just how excited you are to see HER! Before you go out with someone, you should have a phone conversation.Love comes in many forms, and people often find it where they least expect it but, Dr. "If the older generation could get over the stigma they associate with online dating, they'd have more options," explains Dr. "Just browse through profiles for three months and see if you find anyone you like."5. "It's a good starting point if you're interested in someone," Brencher says.Campbell cautions, "some people's culture and religion are central components of their lives." So if you meet someone whose background is different, make sure you're clear on how important your beliefs and traditions are—and vice versa.4. Millennials get criticized for how plugged in they are, but that affords them more ways to meet people, says Brencher. "It used to be a mystery of what you were walking into, but Facebook allows you to see if you have shared interests." Dr."I've tried JDate, a Jewish Internet dating service, Match.com, setups by my friends," Julie says."I recently adopted a dog, hoping to meet someone out in the dog park." Like many single women in America, Julie is no stranger to the dating scene -- but finding dates isn't always the problem. It's that I'm not meeting anyone that I'm attracted to.And Gen Y may be the tech-savviest group out in the dating world.But they have many more lessons to share about finding love than just "try online dating" (though that's important, too! Here are their top tips., says young women's attitude today is, "'This is who I am and I like sex'—which was a radical notion not long ago," she says.So, if they’re saying one thing and doing another, pay attention to what they’re doing… When you’re seeing someone often, and talking multiple times throughout the day, many people assume you’re dating exclusively. Until you’ve had a conversation where you both decide to only date each other, don’t presume you’re exclusive. Say Please and Thank You Everyone values manners and politeness.Men and women want to date someone who is respectful and well-mannered. Thank someone for buying you dinner, and let them know when you’ve had a good time. Let The Man Be The Man Yes, I know that #3 advises women to step up and make the first move."I'm probably going to investigate an anonymous donor and do it artificially ...I want it to be my own biological child," she says. C., also struggles with the 30-something singles scene. "None of my female friends have ever said I'm intimidating," she says.


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