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If you are missing anything else from the old interface, it is located HERE for a while longer.

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The conquests of Hazael (late 9th C BC), mentioned in 2 Kings 13, are supposed to have destroyed numerous Late Iron IIa sites throughout the Galilee, Sharon, and Jezreel. 930-910 BC]*, Aphek X9, Qasile XI and X (earthquake? 940 BC)*, Keisan 9a*, Kinneret VI [early] and V [rich regional center] and IV [poor non-urban settlement], Dan IVB*, Tyre XII.

The Omride Kingdom, described in the Mesha stele as taking over Transjordan, almost certainly belongs in the Late Iron IIa, the first civilized phase of Iron Age Palestine and the age of the founding of Israelite Samaria, with Jezreel being a major site in this phase, as confirmed by the book of Kings. )*, parts of Samaria PP 1/BP 0 [Shemer estate], Far’ah N. Pottery styles for this era include Degenerate Philistine Bichrome in Philistia in the earlier phase (disappearing from the rest of Canaan), “Middle Philistine” Decorated Ware (sometimes called “Ashdod”, not actually purely Philistine), and Phoenician Bichrome.


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