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Aastra 571 not updating firmware

Avencall is not responsible for these firmwares and does not offer any updates.Regarding the W52P (DECT), there is firmware for both the base station and the handset.If you are having trouble with registering or dialing from behind a NAT with an Aastra Phone, in the phone's web interface try enabling the rport option on the Advanced/Network page.Also, when trying to use a port other than 5060 behind a NAT, on the Advanced/Global SIP page you might try changing "Local SIP UDP/TCP Port" to whatever port you are registering on with your Line settings.The base and the handset are probably going to work if they are not using the same firmware version, although this does not seem to be officially recommended.This grid shows the tested features of various devices. This information is being merged into a feature grid, see Interop List Scratchpad Please make sure you put the following entries 2n Voiceblue Lite Config Later than 2.3.1, Aastra Phones (55i, 57i) are working very well behind NAT, tested with rport enabled, very reliable, and also connecting with proxy/registrar ports other than 5060.In this example we upgrade an Aastra 6757i to the latest firmware.

But we've refused to release the applications because we didn't want to do anything to encourage anyone to buy one of these phones. Download and run our install script on your server, and we'll preconfigure your phones in under a minute with every bell and whistle in the universe. We've just returned from the Free PBX Telephony Training Seminar that was held in Charleston, South Carolina last week. When the telecom industry imploded at the turn of the century, they purchased several divisions of Nortel including their Meridian Centrex products and their telephone hardware.For this reason, we very strongly urge the following steps be taken to secure the phone: We have reported this issue to Aastra. Aastra now allows public download of documentation and software at: following instructions assume your phone has successfully booted and completed network configuration including obtaining valid IP addresses for itself, an IP gateway and DNS servers either via DHCP, manual or other means (refer to your Aastra Administrator's Guide) and that your phone is running with factory defaults.You can find the firmware version your phone is currently running by using the "Options" button on your phone and navigating to "Phone Status" - "Firmware Info".This lets the Free SWITCH server return SIP traffic on the same port your phone sent SIP traffic out on.Enabling STUN support may also help on the newer firmwares.This has been tested against firmware 2.6.0 all model Aastra phones.Aastra's SIP phones have multiline appearances and support functions like busy lamp fields and shared lines.This applies to calls over the Internet as well as calls between phones on the same network.This behavior has been fixed in the Aastra 5xi models. There is a serious security hole in the web interface for Aastra phones that allows anyone with access to the configuration pages to be able to see the sip credentials, including the "SIP password", in the source code of the web pages.Here's a typical scenario: a secretary answers a call for the boss, places the call on hold, announces the call to the boss, and the boss picks up the call on hold. Well, the Nerd Vittles setup for the Aastra 57i using PBX in a Flash and Free PBX 2.3 or 2.4 brings it back with ease.And let's dispense with the secrecy and tell you what else lies in store using this phone.


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