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The series is now in syndication and was adapted for and made into a motion picture, released in 2008.

She is best known for writing a column that was anthologized in a book, Sex and the City, which in turn became the basis for an immensely popular television series and its subsequent film adaptation. While attending high school there, she was accompanied to her senior prom by Mike O'Meara, now a nationally syndicated radio host. At age 19, Bushnell moved to New York City and sold a children’s story to Simon & Schuster, which was never published.

more The Killer’s frontman Brandon Flowers’ paradoxical lyrics “I’ve got soul, but I’m not a soldier” and “Are we human or are we dancer? The Las Vegas native—the youngest of six kids raised Mormon—still belongs to the Church.

less Growing up in a Jewish family in Salt Lake City, loud-mouthed comedian Roseanne Barr attended services and expressed interest in the church in her younger years, but later returned to her fam's Judaism.

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