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Aimee chan moses chan dating Freecams ontario

) “Yes, there have always been pursuers.” (Is his surname Chan?

(ahmike.com) In order to have more time for rest between work, Moses has decided to not go home as often to concentrate on his upcoming drama series.

Although dating for less than two years, Moses have already viewed Aimee as his significant half.

At an age of 41, Moses also hopes to start a family with Aimee soon.

When the topic turned to his current rumored girlfriend, Aimee Chan Yan Mei, Moses’ attitude changed. ” Aimee Chan Maintains Friendship With Moses Chan On the other hand, Aimee Chan attended a Mother’s Day activity in the Harbour City.

Regarding Aimee’s praise that he was a good man, Moses said flirtatiously, “She is also a good girl.” (Did you invite her to have coffee at your house? In a children’s play, the boy who played Law Sir (Moses’ character in ) gave Aimee a stuffed toy.


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