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Mardi was Jewish, Actors Rosanna, Richmond, Patricia, and David Arquette are her siblings.In 1982, at the age of 12, Arquette's first acting gig was as "this little kid who's on a ride with all these women and whatnot" in the music video "She's a Beauty" by The Tubes.During the commercial, I said, “Go and call them to confirm.” She didn’t, but her press agent went and sold the story to three different tabloids. I saw another documentary called about this guy who was worried about the size of his penis and has an enlargement done. It played on Hollywood types, from to the clown aspect, and I didn’t want to highlight those things anymore, though there’s certainly a lot of camp about me. There are women who say, “I would not be gay if I wasn’t raped by my uncle.” I don’t know that that’s not true. I don’t know if I was born this way or if my being transsexual has anything to do with my desires. Meanwhile, people are asking about Jared Leto’s penis size. But the idea that the dude could be bisexual—whoa, that’s just too much for people to handle. After all, in the multiverse, there are endless versions of each being, all interacting in innumerable ways.Alexis Arquette is back in the news, but this time it’s not because of a coveted role she landed.

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My family went on thinking I was still going to be involved in it! She squeezed out some information from me about [David Arquette’s then-wife] Courtney Cox being pregnant. So the documentary didn’t end up being gratifying to you at all? But Marc Jacobs came to my screening, and that’s all that matters. It had this forced melancholy to it, and I’m certainly not that type of person. I’m annoyed with people affiliating gender with sexuality exclusively. “Oh, I was gay since birth.” I don’t have the answers. I mentioned it in passing at the end of the interview. I was trying to give some hope for the gay men out there! She should have kept her mouth shut [about Bill Cosby]. He’s costarring with Ruth Wilson in Nick Payne’s British hit , which spins a single relationship into seemingly infinite possibilities.

Later in her career, she made public that she had begun the process leading to sex reassignment surgery.

To this end, Arquette had publicly declared that she considered her gender to be female.

Like her siblings, Alexis has acted extensively in a career that stretches back to an uncredited role in 1986’s “Down and Out in Beverly Hills.” Since then she’s appeared in a number of movies and TV shows like “Last Exit to Brooklyn,” “The Wedding Singer” and “Xena: Warrior Princess.” But she doesn’t just act; she’s also a musician and cabaret performer.

Alexis also starred on the sixth and final season of the VH1 reality show “The Surreal Life.” The series, which ran from 2003 until 2006, collected a group of pop culture figures whose moment had supposedly passed and put them together in a mansion in the Hollywood Hills for two weeks.


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