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Big Story correspondent, Douglas Kennedy has more on this news-making newswoman. DOUGLAS KENNEDY, FOX CORRESPONDENT: Yes, she made news in New York City, and now she may not be able to report the news in Philadelphia, at least not for the next couple weeks.

(BEGIN VIDEOTAPE) ALYCIA LANE, TV ANCHOR: I'm Alicia Lane. DOUGLAS KENNEDY, BIG STORY CORRESPONDENT (voice over): Alycia Lane is a popular anchor on Philadelphia's CBS KYTW-TV and recently introduced this report on commuter flirting.

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In short, she assaulted a female New York police officer. Now comes word that she has some offers (this is from the Huffington Post)Earlier this month, Alycia Lane was fired from her position as an anchor at Philadelphia's CBS-3 TV station.Alycia Lane, co-anchor of the evening news on CBS affiliate KYW-TV stands accused of punching a female cop in the face.BILL HEMMER, GUEST CO-HOST: That's the acquisition out there: Lane is the same TV anchor who made headlines back in May for emailing racy photos of herself to a married sports caster, Rich Icen.In our era of satellites and GPS, we’re not necessarily exploring the edges of civilization, but that doesn’t mean we’ve lost our sense of discovery – far from it – we just have more gadgets, like the Google Trekker.The Trekker project opened our eyes to the bounty of trails within a day trip of our homes.The modern meaning of discovery When it comes to mapping our modern world, Google has it down.Gone are the days of sending rudimentary expeditions into the wilderness to fill in the margins of the map.It’s time to take action to change the course of the Alzheimer’s epidemic.We’re looking for YOU to help us get to the end zone!Ellis’ two gardeners, a white man and woman, shouted in accents reminiscent of guitar twangs, and gave chase.Ellis excused herself, walked past the hand-carved African masks decorating her living room walls, and coolly viewed the scene from her porch.


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