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The Amphitheater at Pompeii is the oldest known to us from either literary or monumental sources.In comparison with later and more imposing structures, our Amphitheater seems indeed unpretentious.Dining tables and sets are available in multiple sizes, so you can choose what best fits your lifestyle.Shop Bassett's large selection of dining tables here.

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Amalfi Coasting selected excerpts from “POMPEII: ITS LIFE AND ART”, by German archeologist August Mau, which is considered one of the best books ever written about Pompeii in terms of historical narrative and archeological facts and explanation. In the southeast corner of the city, lies the Amphitheater, the scene of gladiatorial combats. The Amphitheater may thus have been finished half a decade later than the Theater, but in any case it belongs to the earliest years of the Roman colony,—as might be inferred, in default of other evidence, from the archaic spelling of the inscription, and the character of the masonry, which is like that of the Small Theater and the baths north of the Forum.

And less time looking for dining tables and chairs means more time for sharing good food and laughter with family and friends.

The State Dining Room is the larger of two dining rooms on the State Floor of the Executive Residence of the White House, the home of the President of the United States in Washington, D. It is used for receptions, luncheons, larger formal dinners, and state dinners for visiting heads of state on state visits.

The room seats 140 and measures approximately 48 by 36 feet (15 by 11 m).

Originally office space, the State Dining Room received its name during the presidency of James Monroe, at which time it was first extensively furnished.


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