Art of dating c00l

If that went well, I might swing a few nightcaps at my place or hers, and see where things went from there. If her pre-date text exchange includes multiple emoji and at least one LOL, remember to manscape.6.

If it’s a blind date, arrange to meet at a crowded bar, and ask her what she’s wearing.

51 Mercer Street (at Blue Jays Way) | Second If you want to treat your sweetie to a sophisticated rendezvous, take them to a tea time they won’t soon forget at the luxurious Fairmont Royal York.

I’d typically cock block myself, pregaming with six or seven beers (more if day drinking counted) to loosen up the nerves. Take her some place nice, but not so fancy that her menu doesn’t have prices on it. If it’s a French restaurant, look up the menu online beforehand and practice pronouncing the names of the dishes. If you’re also going to the movies, see a horror flick.

Add to it, the five or six drinks during the date and then a few after-dinner drinks. It’ll increase the odds that she’ll want to go home with you.5.

Created by local artist Edith Grey of Edith Grey Designs,[…] This year we have decided to put together a Music Guide to Art of Cool Festival.

There are several chapters to the guide and they are below: Here are all of them: 1.


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