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Backdating pension credit

It depends on whether or not you have reached the 'qualifying age for State Pension Credit'.You can see the date you reach this qualifying age on the Government's website.A family member can call on your behalf if you prefer but you must be present when the application is made.Those with speech or hearing difficulties can apply by textphone on 08.If English is not your first language, you (or someone calling on your behalf) can arrange for an interpreter to help you apply.Have this information to hand: Alternatively, an application pack can be obtained by calling the Pension Credit application line on 08.Housing Benefit, including Local Housing Allowance and Council Tax Support is normally paid from the following Monday after we receive your claim.

However, unlike pension age claims, you must show that you had good reason (referred to as “good cause” in the relevant regulations) for not claiming earlier.

The rules about when we can backdate a benefit are different for different groups of people.

If you are a pension age customer, we can sometimes backdate the start of your benefit to up to three months before the date you claimed.

You do not need to tell us why you didn't claim sooner.

Pension age customers are those who have reached the qualifying age for State Pension Credit.


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