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Bginfo not updating desktop

However, the program generates the background image only when the settings are applied after a reboot (or shutdown).If the user fail to apply the settings each time he/she log in, bginfo will display the last known data, which will be inaccurate.But it is not configured for the display that you want.You should start Bg Info from the Utilities folder – as seen below in the Aero desktop and make sure to save your configuration to c:\utils\How many times have you walked up to a system in your office and needed to click through several diagnostic windows to remind yourself of important aspects of its configuration, such as its name, IP address, or operating system version?If you manage multiple computers you probably need .For example, if you are running a server or you are an IT professional, it will provide you valuable data at a glance.

You also can customize the display's foreground and background colors and fonts, and because BGInfo generates a static desktop background and then exits, the tool doesn't consume system resources.This is the way I make Bg Info work in Windows 2012 (and even Windows 7 too).It is a little different than in the past but I still need my Bg Info info screen displayed so this is what I figured out. Now we have Bg Info configured to be started from the Utilities folder on the Aero desktop, but also to be automatically executed at log in.You can also save information from BGInfo to a text file or even a database without even displaying on the desktop, so if you are looking for a quick way to capture information on all the computers in your network, you can use BGInfo and some batch scripts to solve your problem.It’s worth noting that BGInfo displays information by writing text over top of your wallpaper, if you have wallpaper set.Note: this screen above looks different in Win2K16 but it is close enough.The utilities folder was seen right away, but the utilities in it were not visable for a while and two restarts.Regardless of the number of systems you manage, you probably spend more time than you'd like digging through various system utilities and Control Panel applets, searching for a specific piece of configuration information such as computer name, IP address, logon server, or boot time.Instead, you can use Sysinternals' BGInfo, a free tool that gives you easy access to relevant system information.The tool automatically applies this configuration after 10 seconds unless you click somewhere in this window.The window lets you shape the text and data fields that the tool prints on the desktop.


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