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The couple said they didn't see the "No trespassing" signs.The officer looked through the camera, which had photos of other abandoned buildings. Drug abuse, I-77: On April 8, police observed a speeding Hyundai Santa Fe on I-77.In the 18th century New York punished sodomy with death.This was later reduced to 14 years’ solitary or hard labour. By the Seventies, it was becoming positively fashion-able, like a ten-speed bike or a breadmaking machine.In his decline, he shot a series of self-portraits showing the ravages the disease wrought on his once- pretty features.

Mapplethorpe then made a second reputation, after an Aids diagnosis.The officer said the Niles driver appeared nervous. It turned out the driver didn't have a valid driver's license.The woman passenger denied having marijuana; however, after talking to the officer she admitted to having hidden a baggie in her pants.The driver was cited for speeding and having a suspended license. Warrant, Royalton Road: On April 9, police observed a maroon Nissan Altima without rear license plate illumination.The Akron driver, who appeared nervous, said he was headed home.The man admitted he had a warrant out for his arrest in Georgia. He was also cited for no rear license plate illumination, no front license plate and driving with a suspended license.It turned out the man had several driver license suspensions, as well as multiple warrants. If you would like to discuss the police blotter, please visit our crime and courts comments page.Editor’s note: This story contains graphic and disturbing images which have not been seen by the public until now.We struggled to decide what images to include, and they are hard for us to see too.The woman told police they were driving in the alley when a car blocked them behind an AC Delco Auto Electronics shop. No one was in custody late Tuesday afternoon, but investigators suspect the man was the intended target."We have very promising leads, we have video," Johnson said.


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