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"They deserve it, they're part of the show."The suit, filed Tuesday in California against the NFL, alleges the teams collude to keep wages for the women artificially low.

Another group of NFL cheerleaders is suing their team for wage theft claiming that they've worked hundreds of unpaid hours training and performing, as well as appearing at events where they were at risk for catcalls and groping.According to the complaint documents which were procured by Deadspin, the women were also given a rulebook with demands like: "how to properly wash "intimate areas," and how often to change tampons.""Everything from standing in front of us with a clipboard having us do a jiggle test to see what parts of our body were jiggling," cheerleader Alyssa U.told the Associated Press, "and if that was something that she saw, you were getting benched."These policies aren't isolated cases.In a lawsuit filed Tuesday in federal court in California against the NFL, a group of cheerleaders say NFL teams collude to keep wages for the women artificially low.After Smith concluded his answer, Panthers center Ryan Wendell jumped into the discussion, saying that his wife, Meridith, had been a cheerleader before they were dating and that it was "ridiculous" the way the women were treated."I encourage them in their efforts," Wendell said.The minimum wage in Ohio is .85, but Brenneman’s pay equates to less than .85 an hour. And unfortunately for the Oakland Raiders cheerleaders who brought the complaint, the Raiderettes, the U. Department of Labor announced in March that it had closed its investigation of the case, concluding that the Raiders are exempt from paying their cheerleaders minimum wage, since they are considered “seasonal amusement.” The suit may go to private arbitration. Beyond the surprisingly low pay for a job in this very profitable industry, these women say they are subjected to treatment and demands that are unfair and degrading. All the women have highly specific and sometimes costly physical standards they must maintain, which includes mandatory trips to nail and hair salons.And according to the Buffalo Bills' suit, their cheerleaders are forced to participate in what are called "jiggle tests" so their coach can assess the firmness of their bodies.As such, the claim has been filed in federal court.In the past, the league has argued that the 26 teams with cheerleaders employ the women.For professional cheerleaders, the season means learning new routines to perform for packed stadiums — along with ridiculous pay, no benefits and exploitation. Recently, advocates have even begun lobbying for cheerleading to be recognized as an Olympic sport. Not all fun and games Professional cheerleading has been around since the 1960s, when the National Football League started organizing pro squads, most famously the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders in their iconic bedazzled blue outfits.


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