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Christian meier genesis rodriguez dating

magazine about being El Puma's daughter, dating a man 17 years older than her, and the success of fellow Latinas.

In the short amount of years that she's been in Hollywood, the 28-year-old star has shared the screen with actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Melissa Mc Carthy, Jason Bateman and the late Paul Walker.

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Génesis Rodriguez is an American actress who speaks both English and Spanish fluently.

with Pedro Suárez Vértiz, Patricio Suárez Vértiz and Arturo Pomar.

Between the 1980s and early 1990s, he was the keyboardist of the band, and also did some singing.

Genesis made up her mind to pursue an acting career thus as a teenager she started taking acting, dancing and vocal preparation classes, both locally and nationally.

After finishing high school he studied Graphic Design graduating in early 1992.

"I chose my career." That's when she decided to leave Miami and move to California.

If you follow Génesis on Instagram, you'll notice that she is always with her support team, which includes her father and her mother, Cuban model Carolina Pérez.

Although her father is the world famous Venezuelan singer El Puma, Génesis has paved the road to success all on her own.

Rodríguez started her career in telenovelas, where she admits to working 16-18 hour days.


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