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Apparently, deduction of a local material property from a global response does not provide full confidence of the adopted model.The difficulties are: (1) fundamentally, stress cannot be measured directly and the cohesive stress distribution is non-uniform; (2) accurate measurement of the full crack profile (crack opening displacement at every point) is experimentally difficult to obtain.A numerical investigation of two single damages was carried out.The damage was introduced on the railhead surface to simulate rolling contact fatigue defects. During this long campaign the Allied and Axis forces fought fiercely for every hill and every village.Companies just have very few heavy tanks due to the mountainous terrain. Paratroopers were dropped far from their objectives and scattered, even so achieved most of its objectives.Landing troops took heavy losses on the beaches but finally forced the withdrawal of the defenders.Hedges became death traps for the infantry and Shermans.

Fracture tests were conducted on single edge-notched beam specimens (SENB) under four-point bending.

The details of the physical mechanism that leads to the final explosion of the star are not yet fully understood.

In this project we perform the currently most advanced simulations of the supernova evolution of massive stars and treat the neutrino-matter interactions in the supernova core with unprecedented accuracy.

In the second step, the arrival time of the reflected wave (or echo) was estimated using the continuous wavelet transform.

Then, the detection algorithm was able, through a ray-tracing algorithm, to estimate the location of damage.


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