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Com ctc wstx sr validatingstreamreader

But still i am getting a lot of output in my log file like below, how do i stop this? Project Resource Bundle (Project Resource Bundle.java:70) - org.apache.axis2.i18n.resource::handle Get Object(addingnewmodule) 2008-08-05 ,276 DEBUG [Thread-1] deployment.

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Basic Stream Token(Basic Stream Reader.java:3349) ,918 ERROR [STDERR] (SLEE-Event Router Executor-5-thread-1) at Configuration Context Factory.create Configuration Context(Configuration Context Factory.java:64) at org.apache.axis2.context. Configuration Context Factory.create Configuration Context From File System(Configuration Context Factory.java:180) at org.apache.axis2.client. Phase (Phase.java:96) - Handler Addressing Out Handler added to Phase Message Out 2008-08-05 ,697 DEBUG [Thread-1] engine.Phase (Phase.java:96) - Handler Addressing Out Handler added to Phase Message Out2008-08-05 ,775 DEBUG [Thread-1] description.St AXReader Wrapper.next(St AXReader Wrapper.java:293) ,919 ERROR [STDERR] (SLEE-Event Router Executor-5-thread-1) at Unmarshalling Start(Unmarshalling Context.java:446) ,920 ERROR [STDERR] (SLEE-Event Router Executor-5-thread-1) at Stream Scanner.throw Parse Error(Stream Scanner.java:461) ,406 ERROR STDERR at Validating Stream Dtd Ext Subset(Validating Stream Reader.java:475) ,406 ERROR STDERR at Program Wrapper.main(Program Wrapper.java:174)Caused by: Class Not Found Exception: org.apache.commons.httpclient. In SOLR-2042 , yonik points out: We could remove the implementation as well (woodstox) but we should do performance tests before doing so.


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