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What I want is both components to respond every time I change the value of the progress Bar$ Service code (); progress Bar$ = this.progress Bar Observable(); private subscription: Subscription=new Subscription(); constructor( private login Service: Login Service, private Http ) initialize Competition(comp Date: string) private is Progress Bar On: boolean = false; private subscription: Subscription = new Subscription(); constructor(private login Service: Login Service, private competition Service: Competition Service, private cd: Change Detector Ref, private router: Router ) ng On Init() Thank you to all.It turns out that problem was with the router-outlet tag.The checks function is for writing multiple checks in a simpler format. timeout=30, fail if the step could not complete in 30 seconds - repeat: e.g.repeat=20, repeat in another second if fail until pass, timeout in 20s - duration: e.g.However, you are welcome if you want to study meta-programming or functional programming, and your comments are always appreciated lesson 1 - the basic auto-log boolean functions: Steps/blob/master/test_examples/test_lesson1_lesson 2 - the check function with auto-log string: Steps/blob/master/test_examples/test_lesson2_lesson 3 - the check functions with options: Steps/blob/master/test_examples/test_lesson3_lesson 4 - the checks functions - another format for multiple check(s): Steps/blob/master/test_examples/test_lesson4_lesson 5 - get return from check and checks function: Steps/blob/master/test_examples/test_lesson5_lesson 6 - function auto-detection mechanism (pytest/nose users can skip this, use plugin instead): Steps/blob/master/test_examples/test_lesson6_func_auto_For pytest or nosetests user, you can use the pytest-autochecklog or nose-autochecklog plugin to use test_steps module.The pytest-autochecklog or nose-autochecklog plugin has better auto-func-detection mechanism. :action=display&name=pytest-autochecklog or: :action=display&name=nose-autochecklog 2015-01-10 ,787 - INFO - ------------------------------------------------------ 2015-01-10 ,788 - INFO - Func test_example in file: /Users/Steven004/test/2015-01-10 ,788 - INFO - Check-1: just pass the check and log it - PASS: 2015-01-10 ,789 - INFO - Check-2: pass if expr else fail - PASS: 2015-01-10 ,789 - INFO - Check-3: 9 == 9 - PASS: 2015-01-10 ,789 - INFO - Check-4: Pass, Shanghai not equal to Beijing - PASS: 2015-01-10 ,792 - ERROR - Check-5: "Shanghai City" =~ "Country" - FAIL: "Shanghai City" =~ "Country"?Simple way to run test steps and automatic logging The package test_steps is to implement a bunch of functions about test checks and logging.

It makes the source is thus likely not something for Python beginners.

The check function is to execute the code string in the particular name spaces, with some options to provide some advanced feature.

The code string will be recorded for the check if desc is None.

"" Data Count=0 For Data Count=0 to UBound(VMHArray) Set r Search = obj Sheet6.

Finally, you have not included even one line of your own code. Find(VMHArray(Data Count)) If Not r Found Is Nothing Then adr First = r Found.


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