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Connexions dating website

The Christian Connection was a Christian movement in the United States of America that developed in several places during the late 18th and early 19th centuries; it was made up of secessions from several different religious denominations.

It was influenced by settling the frontier as well as the formation of the new United States and its separation from Great Britain.

Après l’avènement du web social et participatif, c’est désormais le web mobile qui semble offrir les plus belles opportunités et le plus fort potentiel de croissance.

Aujourd’hui, avec plus de 1,2 milliards d’abonnements Smart Phone souscrits dans le monde et 15 % des connexions internet effectuées via mobile (plus de 50 % des accès Facebook), le nombre d’applications et de réseaux sociaux uniquement disponibles sur mobile explose et vient menacer les leaders Internet.

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O'Kelly's movement, centering in Virginia and North Carolina, was originally called the Republican Methodist Church. Stone and five other ministers published The Last Will and Testament of the Springfield Presbytery in 1804, giving up denominational ties to the Presbyterian Church and preferring to be known simply as Christians.

“I think it’s a great sort of one-stop shop to get connected with people in whatever way people are wanting to get connected.” Corey Wiggins, a 21-year-old senior political science major and a Connexion member, said he got involved with the site to network with students who may not be involved in CU groups.

Besides this, he said one of the benefits of the site was the forums.

“Though 2011 has been the best year for us in terms of income and site growth, it has not been enough to make us profitable,” Gill said in a statement.

Gill also stated that the funds directed towards Connexion can best be used elsewhere.


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