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Consolidating roth ira accounts

Even if you are doing the 401k yourself, it is likely less expensive and more functional to combine them. You could certainly rollover your Guidestone account to your current 401k. The point I would like to make is that it is important to know why you are looking to consolidate your “old” 401(k)’s.

If it is simply for convenience, then you may be limiting some potential financial benefits now and in the future.

Also, a larger account with one financial institution usually gets you a better level of service than several smaller accounts with different institutions.

And, it makes things easier for your beneficiaries after your death.

If you have Roth IRAs at different companies, those can be merged.

I have two accounts at one firm out of town, and a recently inherited account with another firm here in my hometown. My daughter will inherit it all, but she lives 10 hours away in another state with a family and responsibilities of her own.Converting a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA — and then undoing that move later— can also be done, but converting triggers taxes owed on the traditional IRA.Non-spousal inherited IRAs generally can't be combined with other types of IRAs.If you have assets in a trust, be sure to consult an experienced estate attorney to make sure the beneficiary designation on the retirement accounts is in the correct name.After sorting all that out, you'll need to decide if you also want to consolidate the number of entities holding your retirement accounts.By Beverly De Veny, Chief IRA Analyst Follow Us on Twitter: @Bev IRAEd Slott A common strategy is to go through with smaller Roth IRA conversions or to convert different assets to different Roth IRAs.If you have done this over a number of years, you probably have more Roth IRAs than you know what to do with. Generally the reason for doing Roth conversions to separate Roth IRAs is to simplify the net income calculation that must be done if you want to later recharacterize that Roth conversion.To make my answer as clear as possible I'm going to assume that all of your accounts are either IRA's or 401(k)'s and share the same tax treatment.There are a three big benefits to combining accounts.What You Can Consolidate If you have both Roth and traditional IRAs scattered in various bank or brokerage accounts, you can simplify your life by combining all of each kind into two accounts.If you invested your IRAs in CDs (probably not a good idea unless you’re at least 60 years old), wait for each CD to mature before doing this.


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