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Datagridview datasource not updating serb dating

When you edit a row and move to another, if an exception is detected (duplicate key for example), a message is shown, the edit glyph is mantained in the edited row and cursor remain on the edited row.The Data Grid View control supports the standard Windows Forms data binding model, so it will bind to a variety of data sources.

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Typically to set up Master/Child Data Grids, To mitigate these and other issues, we have introduced the new component Binding Source.

So it did not work and i checked my code again and again and came up with a workaround.

FCDBData Customer 'Bind to Data Grid View Ok i checked it fast bcause it is important to me lol.

For more information about the data sources supported by the Data Grid View control, see Data Grid View Control Overview.

There is extensive support for this task in Visual Studio.


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