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Here are the details of a recent visit: pm: Wanted to get here early and watch as the eligible women start to trickle in. These two women on the dance floor look like they've been grinding on each other since this Tool song was on the radio.

Between their lazy writhing, glassy eyes, and apparent penchant for mainstream metal, it's a toss-up whether they're tweakers or actual zombies. STEVEN HUMPHREY The Spare Room, 4830 NE 42nd, HOLOCENE The last time I was at Gaycation at Holocene, I wound up on stage wearing someone else's shirt, squeezed into a dance pile between two astoundingly attractive, flamboyant dudes I'd never met before. If your thing is making lingering eye contact with someone in a bright tie and skinny jeans or sipping cheap, fancy drinks while conversing on a low leather sofa, well, Holocene can be that kind of place, too.

I have ALWAYS believed in speed-dating and am so proud to have met my future husband this way.

It balances the incredibly important need for face-to-face interaction with a nominal time commitment - until you decide otherwise.

Education: BA, Colorado College; MS (Comparative Social Policy), University of Oxford. Given that it’s also one of the fastest growing cities, it’s transient by nature with a lot of new people moving into the city, startups popping up, companies expanding, restaurants opening, etc.” What’s the worst part of dating in Seattle?

I vowed to go in with an open mind, and if I didn't come out of it with a date, I'd at least have a good story.In 2011, we completed construction on Kah San Chako Haws, a 9-unit, LEED Gold-certified modular housing development in the Lents Neighborhood, whose name means “East House” in Chinook Jargon.We are now focused on developing the Generations Project, a proposed intergenerational community at the old Foster School site at SE 85th and Steele St.The popular dating app, which is similar to Tinder but connects people via mutual friends, today released its “Most Eligible” professionals list across the country broken down by industry.Candidates were selected based on ​three criteria: We caught up a five Seattleites who made the list and work at places like Microsoft, Amazon.com, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.There's only one thing that helps you get through that first stilted conversation and actually believe what you're saying is in any way meaningful (What kind of music do you like? I see from your tattoos that you really like mixed martial arts). Fortunately for you, dear readers, the Mercury staff knows a thing or two about the trials and tribulations of romance, and a thing or two more about getting totally blotto.There's only one thing that pulls you out of the tedium of daily routines, that makes you look past the fact that the man sitting across from you is the same guy who stinks up the bathroom every morning at am and has fallen asleep on the couch every night for the past week watching Deep Space Nine on Netflix; and there's only one thing that assuages your guilt when you're about to make the biggest mistake of your life and do irreparable damage to the person you care about most. What follows is—if not a definitive guide—then at least a good road map to drinking establishments where one might—if he or she so desires—pick up a nice-looking lady or fella, take said lady or fella on a first date, celebrate with that lady or fella if things were to go well, and carry on an illicit affair if things start feeling a bit staid.He thinks he's a chicken.' And, uh, the doctor says, 'Well, why don't you turn him in?' And the guy says, 'I would, but I need the eggs.'" And... Point is, despite knowing better, we're going to keep dating, and chasing pussy (or whatever), and falling in love, and hurting those people we love. To my knowledge, there's only one (legal) thing that really helps you approach that beautiful girl sitting alone at (or dancing on top of) the bar.While I don’t want to make gross generalizations, I find that some men approach dating in Seattle more passively and informally than I have seen in other metropolitan cities where the lifestyle is more fast-paced in general.” Where are the best places to go on a date in Seattle?“At the beginning of a relationship, I’m more of a traditionalist and like grabbing coffee, a drink, or a bite to eat.


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