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Dating after failed engagement

It will feel strange and cold and depressing—who wants to think about event logistics in the middle of heartache? Start by making a list of the things you need to tackle with your partner, and then check off those boxes as soon as possible so you both can move on.

He seems to have everything while I feel like I have nothing.

Community Q&A Getting over a broken engagement is never easy - your dreams, hopes, and future wishes are all completely dashed in a moment.

The bridal magazines sit around, the suit or dress might even be hanging in the wardrobe, and invitations remain unsent...

I miss my ex, but there is no way we will get back together. As much as I can, I have come to terms with that and want to move on. Deborah Dear Deborah, You are right that enough time has passed since the break up for you to move on and find the man who really is right for you.

However, as you have found through your own experience, everyone mourns differently and it takes some people longer to get over a loss than others.


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