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“We can’t think of a better place to meet the potential love of your life person than on a chairlift,” say the festival organisers.We also can’t think of a better place to embarrass ourselves..Sitting on a chairlift, especially on larger mountains, can be a boring and isolating process.So why not see if there’s a spark with your fellow rider?On your next antique expedition, you might try assuming the role of Sherlock Holmes.Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created a sleuth who succeeded where others failed by employing systematic powers of observation and inference.Chair Lift Speed Dating is the newest entry into the alternative dating hall of fame!And it totally makes sense for chair lift dating to be a thing.

When the concept of swiping was still innovative and didn’t involve vetting people for their danger to your well-being, we were enraptured with the novelty of being so bluntly choosy with our dating pools.Look to see how comfortably the chair sits upon its rockers.The earliest rocking chairs were ordinary slat-back kitchen chairs--that is, chairs whose backs consist of a top-rail and a single thick lower rail--attached to rockers almost as an afterthought. Ok Cupid is free to join, free to search, and free to message. Or aim a flashlight as if it was a Star Wars blaster?Sometimes ebonized, Thonet's bentwood rocking chairs have the appearance of molded cane-work.Early examples made by Thonet's factory are rather more elaborate than later examples from copycat firms.Early examples would have been constructed from solid local timbers.By the 1860s, the popularity of homegrown rocking chairs was being challenged by cheap imported bentwood chairs made by the German industrialist Michael Thonet.Many chairs in the 16th century depended on , sometimes tooled.The material was held in place by large-headed brass nails.


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