Dating irc servers

I'll be writing a tutorial on how to use m IRC to connect to the channel with all the needed information plus i will also personally handle the download for m IRC and that way everything is totally FREE to all POF users from NB and the atlantic region.Its totally safe and private i can assure you as i am hosting this personally.

DALnet's services are all donated by companies and individuals to benefit the tens of thousands of people chatting at any given time. Regardless of your operating system, chances are there is at least one IRC client for it. We do not help with problems on other networks (getting banned, identd problems, server downtime, etc.).

We do not seek to be comprehensive, that would be overwhelming for us to maintain and for you to read through. Multi-network IRC server/channel lists There are several sites which provide huge lists of servers or channels that you can search, including Search and

Instead, we hope to give people some suggestions to start, as well as to equip them with the knowledge of how to find other places on their own. You can compare different networks by statistics such as number of users or channels, or you can search for channels across all networks using keywords.

These sites break down the traditional barriers between networks and let you find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.

Server Maps Note: Feel free to link to any of these pages, but no part of these documents may be mirrored or distributed in any form, either partly or in whole.


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