Dating lunch club

You’re invited to join us at the next meeting of our lunch club!

We'll have a brief presentation on current events in the market and economy followed by an informal discussion.

We will always respect your confidentiality and only share your first name and never reveal your address, last name, phone number, email address or where you work.

We believe the only way to tell if you have chemistry with someone is to meet face-to-face, so we’ll arrange a low-pressure lunch date for you and your match.

We also know that whether you work in an office or factory, you’re constantly busy, and shopping can become a hassle and an inconvenience.

Each week, we aim to pick a local business in the Garland area and provide a fun lunch hour for some of its associates. We’re not only providing food, but a great opportunity to check out our special new and used cars on our lot. Our Chevy dealership near Mesquite is serving up the sizzle.

Club Lunch is conveniently located near the corner of 3rd and Broadway in the heart of Downtown Muskogee, OK.

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Then using our signature matchmaking process that we’ve fine-tuned over the past 25 years, we create a dating experience personalized just for you.

Think of us as your dating concierge and leave the details to us.

This ephemeral XXX takeoff on the hit THE BREAKFAST CLUB is of interest only because of the presence of two interesting adult cinema actresses.

Director Ned Morehead is no favorite of mine, but I do recommend an excellent shot-on-film noir he made: STREET HEAT, yet to be rediscovered.

To find a copy you have to look for THE HOT LUNCH CLUB, a mistaken alternate title perpetrated (presumably out of sloppiness, rather than being prudish) by Alpha Blue Archives for its DVD release, with the correct original title appearing on screen when you watch the DVD.


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