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Dating matt damon disaster movie who was lance armstrong dating

But they stopped midway when they realized their error. ‘Moonlight’ you guys won best picture,” Jordan Horowitz said to the shocked Dolby Theater audience.“This is not a joke, come up here” the producer added.

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'I just made a little presentation for them,' she said.Damon questioned whether the critical stories on online news sites based on "a 30-second teaser trailer" would have existed before the era of fake news and headlines designed to make people click on them."The Great Wall" is the first movie made by Legendary East, the Chinese venture of Legendary Entertainment, a Hollywood studio now owned by Chinese real estate and theater chain developer Wanda Group.Other companies behind the movie include the state-owned China Film Group Corp.; Le Vision Pictures, a private film company affiliated with Chinese tech firm Le Eco; and Hollywood's Universal Pictures.on Monday Emma, who is making the rounds before the 2017 Academy Awards, couldn't help but laugh as Jimmy pulled out the group snapshot taken earlier that day from the 89th Annual Oscars Nominees' Luncheon in Beverly Hills. 'Whether hes welcome or not, he's everywhere.'Emma smiled, in on the joke, and put her hands up to the photo in a heart shape, showing her love and support for her fellow actor.'He's barely even nominated,' the comedian went on.The host noticed right away that Aloha actor was seated right next to his supposed arch nemesis, Matt Damon, and he immediately dug right in. 'He's a producer and you know they don't do anything.''I think it still counts,' Emma said, a bit speechless at the running gag.'I don't think it counts as much.' the funny guy continued.“Moonlight has won best picture.” Beatty then returned to the microphone to explain: “I want to tell you what happened.I opened the envelope and it said Emma Stone, ‘La La Land.’ That’s why I took such a long look at Faye and at you.'It should be like a short mini Oscar that they give away for that one.'Jimmy's bit expressing his 'distaste' for Damon goes back to a particularly tough show he shot in 2013, and an off-hand quip he made about bumping the actor, which wasn't actually true, according to an interview he gave to NPR that same year.With that out of the comic's system, the talk turned to how The Help star ended up in Hollywood in the first place.BEIJING (AP) — Matt Damon criticized "outrageous" stories in the era of fake news as he responded Tuesday to accusations that his role in the new China-Hollywood co-production "The Great Wall" should have gone to an Asian actor.In an interview with The Associated Press, the American actor said he thinks of the term "whitewashing" as applying to Caucasian actors putting on makeup to appear to be of another race, as was common in the early days of film and television, when racism was overt.


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