Dating med utroskab

‘A partnership shouldn’t be too ­claustrophobic, but it should focus on doing some things as a couple,’ says Julia Cole, a couples’ counsellor and the author of a new book, After The Affair.

Many believe living together before getting hitched allows couples to get used to each other’s idiosyncrasies, paving the way for a smooth married life.

“He’s in the throes of some insane midlife crisis, and Angie is fed up.” But a source close to Cotillard denied the Pitt affair rumors and insisted she is still with her long-term partner, French actor and director Guillaume Canet. They have been a couple since 2007 and have one child but have never married,’’ the source said of Cotillard and Canet.

The source could not confirm French reports that Cotillard is pregnant with her second child with Canet.

Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from Brad Pitt after learning he was cheating on her with his sexy co-star, a well-placed source told The Post on Tuesday.

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