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View information from the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services about mortgage foreclosure prevention including resources to help homeowners prevent foreclosure, avoid scams, and better understand the foreclosure process.Search Oregon State Archive historical records including surnames, birth records, marriage records, death records, divorce records, census records, naturalization records, military records, legislative records, and trademark labels.Trade blankets have long been an integral part of Native American culture.They’re used for clothing, bedding, warmth, ceremonial dances and gifts for important occasions.View information about obtaining and amending Oregon birth, death, marriage and divorce records.The Oregon Public Health Division has birth and death records dating from July, 1903; marriage records from 1906 and divorce certificates (not decrees) from 1925.

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Search the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality databases and interactive GIS mapping applications including air and water quality monitoring data, enforcement actions, environmental cleanup sites, leaking underground storage tank cleanup sites, underground injection control, regulated or permitted facilities and sites, and wastewater permits.

The Pendleton Company has a rich and interesting history not unlike so many enduring American Brands that are still popular today.

Throughout the 20th century, many clothing trends have emerged from workwear and transitioned into the fashion mainstream.

Like many of the fashion styles and brands we have come to know, the Pendleton Company (most famously known for its' hallmark product the Pendleton Shirt) was to become famous because of the imagination of its' founders.

Having their early history in the late 1800's making vibrant colored Indian blankets for the American Indian the Pendleton Company owners in the 1920's decided that there were more potential applications for using the "Umatilla" wool fabric they were weaving.


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