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We're hoping to see the recipe for the herb-stuffed turkey that Chip is carrying. I'm surprised the smell of this pecan pie isn't waking @chippergaines up.

And according to the features, there's definitely going to be "five delicious Fall pie recipes" within the issue. It will be available on newsstands and via the Magnolia Market site on Oct.

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Grab your copy at newsstands near you, or order at, beginning October 11th.With more than 350 handwritten recipes dating from 1690 to 1830, dishes range from 'Veal kidney Florentine,' a pastry tart with kidney, apples, lettuce, orange peel, spices and currants, to 'Mammas Mince Pyes', made with a mince mixture of candied fruits and cow's tongue.Those wishing to recreate the a Georgian supper can whip up a 'Sweet spinach tart' cooked using almonds, nutmeg and half a pound of sugar, before washing it all down with a Tewahdiddle, a regency cocktail of beer, brandy, sugar, ginger, nutmeg and lemon peel.'We thought the recipes were all compiled from one year, because one date was written on the binding, but we've been advised that they span 140 years ago, and we think it was the property of one family,' she said.'It's a really good way of appreciating just how laborious and difficult it would have been to make these recipes. Sure, it has always been laced with thrill and misery, but I propose that my fellow generation’s way of approaching dating is fundamentally different from that of my parents, grandparents or grandparents.This is unfortunate because I don’t have the guts to try, either.On the plate - top with taco blend shredded cheese Eat with crusty French or Italian bread Get one decent size potato and wash it off - trim the foul.Dice it and throw it in a bowl with garlic and onion powder Shove that in the microwave for a few minutes and take it out when the tater is almost soft.#themagnoliajournal A photo posted by Magnolia (@magnolia) on Chip and Joanna Gaines just unveiled the cover of their latest project: a quarterly lifestyle magazine called Magnolia Journal.The first issue is holiday-centered, and by the looks of it, promises lots of Thanksgiving recipes.Then beat 4 eggs, two whites and mix it with half a pint of cream. Take half a pound of them chopped small, half a pound of beef suet, half a pound of currants, four eggs well beaten, some sugar, three or four spoonfuls of flour, salt, sack, brandy and nutmeg. Put yr eggs & sugar together & whip them for an hour till as white as cream. Bushes Grillin Beans - Sweet Heat big can of chicken breast - drained Sliced sweet red/yellow peppers (Green peppers are poisonous) Diced sweet onion Sliced mushrooms a bottle of Allegro Spicy BBQ sauce A squirt of spicy brown mustard Slap yer Momma cajun seasoning little salt & pepper Throw it all in a casserole dish and pop it in the oven at 350 for about an hour or till the veggies are ready.


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