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Open the email and click on the down-arrow next to the Reply button on the top-right of the email and select 'Filter messages like this'.

In the box that pops up, click 'Create filter with this search' on the bottom-right, then select 'Skip the inbox (Archive it)'.

CONTENT_URI, m Raw Contact ID); // Creates a builder for the assert operation Content Provider Operation. ACTION); // Sets the MIME type to the one expected by the insertion activity insert Type(Contacts Contract. CONTENT_TYPE); // Sets the new contact name insert Extra(Contacts Contract.

Builder assert Op = Content Provider Assert Query(raw Contact Uri); // Adds the assertions to the assert operation: checks the version and count of rows tested assert Value(Sync Columns.

Post Office Protocol (POP3) is an example of a polling email delivery protocol.

At login and later at intervals, the mail user agent (client) polls the mail delivery agent (server) to see if there is new mail, and if so downloads it to a mailbox on the user's computer.

The email will still exist but you won't be able to find it easily.

Alternatively, select 'Delete it', and the email will be moved to your Deleted Items folder and will be permanently deleted after 30 days.

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Email clients include smartphones and, less strictly, IMAP personal computer mail applications.

Extending the "push" to the last delivery step is what distinguishes push email from polling email systems.

The reason that polling is often used for the last stage of mail delivery is that, although the server mail delivery agent would normally be permanently connected to the network, it does not necessarily know how to locate the client mail user agent, which may only be connected occasionally and also change network address quite often.

The device's contacts app expects its key to be * Intents. DATA */ insert Parcelable Array List Extra(Contacts Contract.

CONTENT_ITEM_TYPE ); // Adds the email address and its type to the row email Row.put(Contacts Contract. It must be a parcelable object in order to * travel between processes. DATA, contact Data); // Send out the intent to start the device's contacts app in its add contact activity.


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