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The Cadmans' business was located at various addresses in Sheffield over the years. Soon other articles of the cutlery industry were added to the selection of products. joined the firm and the name was changed to ' DORKO Stahlwarenfabrik Dorten & Co.'.

Two of Cadman's sons followed him into the business. Constant growth, however, made it advisable for the firm to start exporting on its own.

These iron tools were shaped like small hatchets, but were eventually modified to include a pivot, allowing the sharpened blade to remain protected within the handle or “scales.” By the 19th century, razors had evolved from a wedge-shaped blade to a more modern straight razor design, with blades made from silver steel, an alloy produced by incorporating carbon into the metal.

Handles were often made from tortoise shell, horn, wood, bone, and, later, cellulite, while higher-end pieces included finer materials like ivory, mother of pearl, and sterling silver, as well as artwork carved into their handles or blades.

A time capsule.00Click Here For More Information Or To Purchase Here is another great old Skinner. Heiser sheath with translucent buttons The knife is in good condition. It's been lightly used, but the original grind lines are still visible.

There is some cracking on the keeper strap.00 Shipped Click Here For More Information Or To Purchase This is a late 1940's knife with a peened tang.


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