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Dating violence group activities

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See our sample proclamation (printer-friendly/pdf). Portions of it can be read aloud on the PA system or during the morning program. School officials can also use it as a template to issue their own proclamation.The New York State Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence (OPDV) is pleased to offer the following ideas and resources for schools and communities to raise awareness of Teen Dating Violence.Tip: when at all possible allow teens to plan and carry out events. or Option 2: Before the lesson, print out pages from Web sites included in the Web site list and distribute to the class as a homework reading assignment. Students should pay particular attention to information that surprised them or that they did not know.Middle and high school personnel must be informed about teen dating violence, including knowing the warning signs and how to appropriately respond should they suspect incidents of dating abuse.Schools can take further action by distributing informational material to teens. Begin the class with a discussion of the important points covered in the reading. Instruct students to take notes on key concepts while they are reading the material, with an eye towards new information and information they feel is important for their peers to know about dating violence. The class can be divided into teams, with each team being responsible for a section of the Web site. Objectives: Option 1: Students view the PBS In the Mix video "Twisted Love: Dating Violence Exposed," followed by a discussion of the important points covered in the video. Their challenge will be to design and publish a Web site for other teens to find information on the subject.


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