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Error updating view invalid nonexistent document

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Copy the certificate request, including the BEGIN and END lines to send to the Certificate Authority. Wait for the CA to return the stamped certificate, then merge it into the key ring. Select Step 4: "Install Certificate into Key Ring". It doesn't make a difference whether I type the URL directly into the location text box, or use the Open File menu (and type in a non-existent file into the file dialog).The text output looks like this (from first trying file:///asdf, then file://asdfa: Document file:///asdf loaded successfully Document: Done (0.697 secs) Find Shortcut: in='file://asdf' out='null' failed to set the page title.Check out our entire top 10 Lotus Notes/Domino error message FAQs. Select OK to send the message anyway." Can you tell me what to do in this situation?This is an error message that has caused end-user confusion for years, and normally is caused when a user sets the default setting to sign emails.In Lotus Notes, this is done via the PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) of your existing Lotus Notes ID.Your client signs messages to other Lotus Notes recipients with your public key.Error messages are not only annoyances to Lotus Notes/Domino users and administrators.They are also calls to action to fix issues with a Notes client or Domino server.Document file://asdf/ loaded successfully Document: Done (1.116 secs)The other problem with this is that the "blank screen" shown for a missing file is not added to the history, so when you go back, you go back to whatever you were on *before* the the page that had the link to the missing file. bug_status=UNCONFIRMED&bug_status=NEW&bug_status=ASSIGNED&bug_status=REOPENED&email1=&emailtype1=substring&emailassigned_to1=1&email2=&emailtype2=substring&emailreporter2=1&bugidtype=include&bug_id=&changedin=&votes=&chfieldfrom=&chfieldto=Now&chfieldvalue=&short_desc=&short_desc_type=substring&long_desc=BUGSFORMERLYKNOWNASTRAVIS&long_desc_type=substring&bug_file_loc=&bug_file_loc_type=substring&status_whiteboard=&status_whiteboard_type=substring&keywords=&keywords_type=anywords&field0-0-0=noop&type0-0-0=noop&value0-0-0=&cmdtype=doit&newqueryname=&order=Reuse same sort as last time Are we really getting huge numbers of complaints from beta users about this?Document: Done (0.661 secs) The problem mentioned by dbaron in his 11/22/99 comment about [Back] not working properly after the file:/// load failure looks very much like bug 13329 "Generic problem with history - skips pages when going back" - probably fixed now. Travis is no longer at netscape so these bugs are unowned. To search for them, search for "BUGSFORMERLYKNOWNASTRAVIS" in the description. Since the fix for this requires a new dialog and it's too late for UI changes, I'm marking this rtm-.


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