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That may not sound fun to you, but that's because you haven't been there.When you wander the halls of its fabulous bazaar of brass numbers, hooks, door-fittings and keys, its gardening tools, its classical old French enameled signs, its bells and its birdhouses, I promise you will find something you like and haven't seen before.

Leach is one of the original proprietors of the "Air Raid" offense, with an emphasis on passing and fewer yards on the ground. A solid offensive line, which Wazzu definitely has this year.

We Parisians miss the old place because it was on the Seine, with public access; the rooftop restaurant of the Samaritaine had one of the best views in the city.

Now there are still the four stalwarts, Galeries Lafayette (one of the two or three biggest department stores in Europe), Printemps, the Bon Marché (in spite of its name, which means "cheap," it's one of the more upper-crust ones, not as frequented by tourists and in the heart of the most expensive Paris real estate), and the Bazar de l' Hôtel de Ville, or BHV, pronounced or hardware section.

They're often guys (although a select few are women) who have a specific game plan for seducing people of the opposite sex.

One of the signature moves that some adopt is "negging," when someone insults you in the hopes your self-esteem will be lowered enough to hook up with them.


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