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Feeddemon not updating

Chocolatey Pro provides runtime protection from possible malware. The other day Feed Demon told me that there was an update available.While we do try to be generous with our upgrade pricing, it's not possible for us to offer discounts when upgrading from versions that were released so long ago.Feed Demon v2 was released in 2006, and it was a free upgrade for those who purchased the first version of Feed Demon, which was released in 2003.

Feeddemon is easy to install and although it will ask you for a Newsgator account, you can still launch it even if you don’t have one.That said I would like to know what the changes were, if it is a legit update.RSS or Real Simple Syndication, is an ever more popular way to follow the news on Internet.The program can import all of your previous subscriptions or it can suggest new feeds to you in all sorts of categories like business, sports or entertainment.Once launched, the program automatically downloads the latest posts.The rational behind moving to a subscription model can be found in this post from Greg Reinacker, which explains how the subscription model actually works out cheaper (especially for existing Feed Demon customers, who get two years of free upgrades).However, "subscription-based software" is a phrase that causes some people to recoil in horror, so I'm curious how Feed Demon users will react to the news.I thought about that after I installed it, which I wished I had not.Even stranger still is the fact that nothing was said in the blog from Nick Bradbury or from the News Gator News Feed.By subscribing to an XML or RSS link, a user can receive all the latest information from multiple sources in one page.Online RSS readers like Google Reader, Bloglines or Rojo are now very popular among users yet you can also use an external RSS reader like Feeddemon to keep up with the flow of information.


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