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I’ve seen eyes that capture all that I am and pull it to the front so I see it all, good and bad.Eyes that looked so deep I imagine I could fall into them and get lost. Anything you think other people should know about essential oils that I didn’t cover?

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In the near distance as the working day ended, a sudden emergence of factory workers told Beamish it was -o'clock, most would be hurrying home to a hot meal, while others, for a quick drink perhaps before making the same old sorry excuse...

for Jack, the greasy spoon would be closing about now, denying him the comfort of a badly needed cuppa' and stale cheese sandwich.

Eyes that have power and strength and ideas good enough to topple the world, The same eyes that need nothing more than a warm mug of tea And another pair of eyes to share the world with.

Inconspicuous, his presence noted only by the obscurity and the ever growing number of spent cigarette stubs that littered the ground.


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