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Fota updating

For feature handset (ie T96 or T55 / non-Android handsets, you should check the user manual or quick start guide or just cycle through the menus until you see an item like Firmware update listed and give it a go.

Typically a FOTA update will take 5-10minutes depending on the device and the size of the FOTA package.

As the amount of software in automobiles grows, so too does the need to effectively manage that software asset.

The telecom industry has a proven solution for remotely updating software on mobile devices.

Smith Micro’s firmware over-the-air (FOTA) technology is a turnkey client-server solution that empowers OEMs, M2M system integrators and enterprises to update device firmware/software over-the-air, to proactively monitor device health with rules-based business logic, and efficiently manage connected devices throughout their entire lifecycle.

Connected devices and the systems they comprise must be able to scale and adapt to support dynamic use cases and marketplace demands.

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Contact Us to Learn More » You shouldn’t have to worry about the amount of backend management server capacity when bringing connected devices to market.

Tap the notification and select the correct update package.

If you are charging or plugged in to a PC, unplug the USB cable first.

Today's automobile contains many complex electronic systems; each may incorporate a large number of Electronic Control Units (ECUs) performing a single function and communicating via a common bus/network. Manfred Broy of the Munich Technical University stated that in a premium class automobile there are close to 100 million lines of software code, compared to the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter with 5.7 million lines or with the Boeing 787 with about 6.5 million lines. Broy states that “the cost of software and electronics can reach 35 to 40 percent of the cost of a car.” Present day automobiles typically contain more than 60 ECUs such as the audio system, brake system, doors, lighting, engine, transmission, batteries, and more.

The embedded software package size now amounts to tens of megabytes for engine and transmission controllers, while audio/infotainment systems are usually the largest and most complex software units, often exceeding 100MB.


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