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Fred couples dating anyone

Information on the eastern region of AANR can be found at

Please check out these web sites to get additional information on nudism/naturism.

At the airport, she received an email from her husband containing a sarcastic note saying how little he would miss her.

NCN is a non-landed club which means we do not have a specific location.

We are a group of individuals who enjoy being clothes-free in the company of others who feel the same way.

This was paired with an explanatory spreadsheet in which he had documented, for several weeks, all the times she had refused his request for sex, complete with her proffered excuse. This in itself is of course wildly inappropriate, but the resulting discussion was actually moderately interesting, as people discussed the scope of “wifely duties” and debated how much effort husbands should be obliged to make to facilitate marital intimacy.

I agree with a fairly widespread consensus that 1) the husband should find better and less combative ways to address the problem, 2) the wife should be paying more attention to her husband and marriage, and 3) online forums are not the place for resolving concerns about your intimate relationships.


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