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She offers to defect to the West, and will bring a top secret Lektor with her to sweeten the deal - but only on the condition that Bond handle her case, personally.Prior to his departure, Bond is supplied by Q with an attaché case containing a concealed throwing knife, concealed gold sovereigns, a special tear gas booby trap connected to the lock mechanism, and concealed ammunition for an Armalite AR-7 folding sniper rifle with an infra-red night scope.Join best online dating website in just few simple steps.Thousands of Hot Russian Brides and Beautiful Ukrainian Ladies are waiting for foreign man.

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Their star pupil is Donald "Red" Grant, a SPECTRE assassin who proves his mettle by killing a Bond impostor on a training course with a strangle wire concealed in his wristwatch.

Meanwhile, the organization's Chief Planner, a Czech chess grandmaster named Kronsteen (Number 5), devises a plan to play British and Soviet intelligence against each other to procure a Lektor cryptographic device from the Soviets.

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