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When I was done, he hit NEXT and we were both instantly paired with somebody new. We had an online dance party while her brother napped beside her.

On my first visit to Chatroulette ( the new fad website that pairs random strangers around the globe in anonymous chats via webcam, a teenage girl in Wyoming held up her pet hamster for me to admire and we watched together as it spontaneously shit on her keyboard. A couple days later, with work piling up around me as I power-procrastinated through another sunny London afternoon, a Russian man stopped mid-sentence while telling me about his metal band to ask if he could watch me piss. but it was a very good experience for me to watch how my boyfriend of 6 years struggled with my desires and with his own desires and how they didn’t always fit together You: i have a lot of respect for the effort he made in trying to meet me halfway and i realize now that he was being true to himself in the same way i kept telling him that i needed to be Stranger: that’s a good reflection. Stranger: u are talking clearly and honestly and i really appreciate it You: you too, it’s nice You: so anyway…

Stranger: hahahaha, no You: is it because i told you i like men and you felt silly dressing up with a gay guy? Stranger: I feel a bit uncomfortable because maybe u catched the screen with my picture You: i’d only include photos you approved. i understand that you’ll only chat with me if it’s anonymous Stranger: ok. you can interview me and i will answer your questions. You: I’ve only been living here for 6 months Stranger: really…. You: yes Stranger: hmmmm ok You: one time i went to sevilla for semana santa and that was crazy Stranger: can u believe that i never have been in sevilla?? You: the first time for real was when i was 16 Stranger: so u never have been with women? i tried, but not in a very serious way because it didn’t interest me Stranger: and as a teenager, did u have anonymous sex? Stranger: can u tell me the most bizarre situation when u have had anonymous sex? You: i have a boyfriend at home in canada Stranger: do u consider yourself a promiscuous boy? i thought it was a pity too when we broke up and then for a long time afterward as well. it’s all we can do, really: try to be honest with ourselves and with other people and then see what happens. deciding whether or not you are bisexual or straight or gay or what? Stranger: yes Stranger: it’s pretty difficult Stranger: it’s a shit You: i am not very sure what to say to that. well they don’t see me as a free minded guy Stranger: they think that I’m repressed, but it’s not true Stranger: it’s just that I’m so selective choosing my partner Stranger: i only want to be with men or women that i really like… Well thanks for chatting with me Stranger: you too.

A young woman with dangly pearl earrings, a high ponytail, and a slick pop of cherry red across her lips is admitting that a man she once thought was her boyfriend dumped her at a bus stop. The show has reignited debate about respectability politics and shed light on the struggle of the children of migrants who exist in a space between their parents’ culture and the British society they’ve grown up in.

We all know she's dormant in there, waiting to be released.

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