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Darren Sharper's ex-girlfriend -- a woman who dated the ex-NFLer for nearly a year -- tells TMZ Sports she was "completely shocked" by the rape allegations ...saying, "It's the opposite of the guy I knew."The woman, who asked not to be named in this post, told us Sharper was not a booze-obsessed, drink-spiking maniac during their time together.Her breakthrough role was in 2000 teen comedy film Bring It On, after which she was female lead in the short-lived CBS medical drama series, City of Angels later that year.

The victims report that shortly thereafter, they passed out.

It's shocking when or a Lifetime Original movie called "Unsportsmanlike Conduct." In addition to having an impressive career with several teams in the NFL, the 38-year-old commentator on the NFL network was active in pro-woman charities.

He participated in a breast cancer charity called Get Checked or Check Out, was a vocal cheerleader of a women's sports camp called Football Camp for Her (on November 1st, he touted a charity event for the organization on Twitter, telling women that if they attended they would be "touched in many ways").

Earlier this week, Tempe, Arizona police released documents that detail even more rape allegations against former NFL star Darren Sharper, who today will appear in court to face rape charges stemming from separate incidents in Los Angeles.

In total, Sharper's alleged to have drugged 11 people and raped 7 women across 4 states.


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