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Ics email widget not updating

In contrast on a Galaxy S 3 with Android 4.1.2, they don't work as expected which will probably change for future Touch Wiz versions from Samsung.

I think there is no way to detect the currently used one.

Only servers that support the Web DAV protocol play nicely with the sharing of calendar files – if in doubt, ask your tech team.

If your server doesn’t support Web DAV, all you will see is the raw text innards of the file when you try to load it.

So here are some suggestion to help get your widgets up and running, so you get that test drive i OS experience!

While they say "strongly recommended", it's actually a forced feature.

Here's what you'll see if you use the new sdk and use the built-in margins: The best solution for backwards size-compatibility is to use Samsung wants full screen-width sizing, HTC wants large but with a little padding, and Asus & Motorola seem to want to keep the tiny Nexus-like sizing.

The size inconsistency trickles down to third party launchers and ROMs.

This is a setting you have no control over - it's automatically added and you can't change it. It may seem like a small change but it will have a dramatic effect on your layouts.

Essentially if you build using the ICS APIs, widgets are reduced in size by ~15% on ICS devices and While this was implemented solely to make Google's Launcher look better, it affects all launchers on the device.


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