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Intimidating looking cars

Up close they fascinate in details like door hinges crafted with elegance and fuel caps that would look at home on ocean liners.From afar they inspire memories of legendary races, glorious moments in the past, great crimes and the pinnacles of human achievement.The split grille and quad halo headlights are tucked beneath an angry brow bone, which is created by a hood that extends over the front grille.Watch your back with this one; like a stalking mountain lion, you won’t see it until it’s too late.

The large-and-in-charge Challenger is a sneaky predator.Polls certainly have the potential to go badly, but at least the consequences aren’t always severe.Let’s talk about a hot topic with little actual consequence — the most attractive vehicles in recent memory.Without further ado, here are the best-looking cars of the past decade, according to an unscientific polling of the U. The BMW i8 is the brand’s supercar with a twist — a 357-horsepower plug-in hybrid drivetrain.The i8, which hit the United States in late 2014, features aggressive looks that complement its futuristic powertrain — the wheels fit snugly in their arches, the available laser headlights are eye-catching yet efficient, and the scissor doors actually seem like a good idea.Below are some of the angriest-looking cars on the roads today, as well as a few that will be on your rear bumper soon. It looks ferocious with its V-shaped grille and pronounced front splitter that sticks out underneath the blacked-out front air dam like an underbite.Meanwhile, its sleek headlights that get thinner as they sweep back over the flared front fenders give the illusion of evil eyes. It’s too tough to even crack a grin, as the front grille’s straight and rectangular design almost makes the supercar look like it’s baring its teeth.Milled out of a single block of unobtainium, its NACA ducts, tunneled rear window and ground-bound missile stance have it looking as if it's going 268 mph even when parked. 1973 Pontiac Grand Am: The most daring nose ever put on a GM product. 1995 BMW 7 Series: The first big BMW sedan to look better than Mercedes' big sedans.Clean elegance for the everyman, but still masculine. Impeccably tailored and yet absolutely athletic, it remains the archetype for big sport sedans. 2003 Bentley Continental GT: It's the epitome of road presence: a wide, low and muscular coupe that looks like it plays linebacker for the Steelers.Attractiveness of an inanimate object is purely subjective, with no pretense of data or science behind it (at least in this case). The F-Type is a two-seat luxury sports car that was introduced in 2014 as a convertible, with a coupe model joining the lineup in 2015.We know there’s sure to be dissent — that’s what the comments section is for. Of all the vehicles featured on this list, the Jaguar F-Type earned the most votes (by a landslide) from U. Big wheels, a low and wide stance, and svelte bodylines are common attributes in this class, but Jaguar packages this combination especially well.


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