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Irs updating address letter

Form 8822 requires only basic information, including the type of tax return you file, your old mailing address and your new mailing address.

If you're married and file joint returns, you can change your spouse's address on the same form.

Please forward the notice to us and we’ll follow up on it.

Take extra care in the future to make sure your business address appears exactly the same on all filings with the IRS.

Some of the notices we have seen compare the address used on the income tax return (Form 1120 or 1120S, for example) with the address used on payroll tax returns.

If those addresses do not agree exactly, including the formatting, the IRS sends Notice CP 148B to both the “new” and “old” address.

The language is generally easier to understand than in the past, but it's natural to worry when you receive a notice.

If you receive a notice and want more information about how to respond, contact one of our tax professionals right away.

Many are computer-generated because these days the IRS relies less on employees to get directly involved in issues including collections.Many state and local governments are following suit and sending out more notices to taxpayers. The IRS never contacts taxpayers via telephone, e-mail, text message or social media to ask for personal or financial information.Note: Tax notices are sent to mailboxes through the U. An IRS solicitation in any format other than a letter sent through the U. Postal Service could be a ploy to steal your personal information or access your financial records.The IRS ramped up its collection efforts after a 2001 study revealed that a 5 billion "tax gap" existed between the amount owed by taxpayers and the amount the IRS actually collected.The study pinpointed a complex and ever-changing tax code that is ripe for abuse.If you received a notice from the IRS about changing the address of your business, please do not be overly concerned.Apparently the IRS recently started focusing on the mailing address of each business as it appears on all the tax returns of that particular business.If you aren't required to file a return, there may not be any reason for you to use Form 8822.But, if you usually file tax returns and you're planning to file your next one soon, you can simply enter your new mailing address directly on the tax return form instead of using Form 8822.Filing Your Return Contacting the IRSCommunity Q&A If your address has changed since the last time you completed your taxes, you must notify the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) to make sure that you receive any IRS refunds or correspondence.There are several different ways to change your address, all of which are officially approved by the IRS.


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