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Is zac efron still dating vanessa hudgens

Zac was also joined by the show’s other guests, Tom Cruise and Annabelle Wallis!The group hilariously got down to Flo Rida‘s “Apple Bottom Jeans” and it definitely involved some shopping cart dance moves. Thank you boys,” Annabelle said after they sat down.In March 2015, Hudgens revealed in a New York Times interview that she wasn't too fond of Efron's female fans at the time, to put it mildly.Girls were running after him, and I was giving them death stares," she said. Spread the love, be a good person, they support you, be nice." One year after their split, Hudgens moved on with actor Austin Butler, who she's still dating.

Vanessa opened up about her relationship with Austin as well — she even told the that he reintroduced her to her Christian faith.

Butler is so jealous that he reportedly doesn’t even allow his girlfriend to talk to her ex-boyfriend off set.

Other rumors claim that Vanessa Hudgens apparently feels “suffocated” by her relationship with Butler because he is interfering with her freedom.

Vanessa and Zac got together about two years after their initial meeting in 2005.

It seemed so romantic— falling in love on screen , revealing it wasn't always easy dating Zac.


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