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"I guess I had been aware of this 'fan fiction' for a while and I felt like maybe if I ignored it, it would eventually go away.

When I read it in the script that is what I do for a living and is my work I wasn't angry.

He starred as Jason Teague during the Season Four of Smallville. I'd say Jared has the bigger dick but that Jensen has nothing to be embarrassed about either. He just looks short when standing next to Jared who's freakin' huge.Unfortunately I'm not looking forward to this week's episode because from the sound of it we're getting lots of the Bela chick (who I hate worse than Ruby) and she'll even be doing that lame fake dating thing with Dean.Oh, probably no question - it's a large group and I can't imagine having the nerve to stand up and ask a question ;-) I also bought the photo ops with both of them- separately, of course.Anyway, I'd say the first two seasons are the best so far because it's more of the two of them alone together than this season so far has been.Yeah I did R43 and I agree, it was much better with it being just the boys (the part where it shows Dean walking away from Sam before cutting to Dean asleep at the motel and Sam sneaking out was very well done by them).And I remember getting the last script of season 9, the season finale, and I got all giddy about it. I think as long as there’s that fulfillment, that enjoyment, that excitement, then, yeah, we will keep going, as long as people are hanging in with us and are still entertained.We love these stories.” For more from the panel, visit Entertainment Weekly.com!Are celebrities more likely to divorce or break up?Earlier this week news reports surfaced that Jensen Ackles, 39, and his partner had split up.


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