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Evening entertainment on Lanzarote is often a combination of eating and drinking.Consider beginning with an aperitif, or a glass of local wine at a beachfront location with a view out to sea, with perhaps a bowl of olives.You will pass two ship wrecks teeming with different creatures.Once you arrive 30m you touch down on the bed of the ocean and a scuba diver will pass by everyone's window feeding the fish by hand.

The Spanish Canary Islands are an archipelago of seven islands located in the Atlantic Ocean just off the west coast of Africa.

The thing is, most tourists do not expect more of these islands than sunny and sandy beaches.

Totally understandable, especially if you´re going there on holiday to unwind from the stresses of urban life.

These authentic watering holes are found all over the island, but particularly out of the main tourist centres, in places like Arrecife and Arrieta and some inland towns and villages.

Look out for in Lanzarote, dating back to the time when these establishments offered the only television in town.


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