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As the enemy aircraft turned for France and started to descend, Mackenzie closed on it.

Determined not to let it escape, he positioned his Hurricane on the enemy's port side with his starboard wing over its tailplane.

Despite being owned by AFF and representing a subset of the main AFF database, ALT have made a big effort to tailor the website to their targeted demographic. In 1989, the battered body of Stompie Moeketsi Seipei was found, his throat slit, in a field near the sprawling township of Soweto.Just 14, Stompie was already both veteran ANC activist and suspected police snitch.He then slammed his wing tip on the Bf 109's tail which snapped off sending it diving into the sea.This violent and unorthodox manoeuvre immediately severed the outer part of his Hurricane's wing.Mackenzie arrived on No 501 Squadron early in October 1940.Within days he shot down a Messerschmitt Bf 109 and damaged a second.On October 7, he shared in the destruction of another over London docks and then pursued yet one more, which he attacked.He registered hits on the enemy fighter before running out of ammunition.This site is for adult men and women who feel they can't get what they want at regular dating sites!Whether you're looking for a relationship, want sex or simply want to meet new people, then you are at the right dating site.


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